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Thread: [D]astastic Game Master Application

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    [D]astastic Game Master Application

    First name : abdullah last name : Amara Username : samad character : [D]astastic , Date of birth : December 16th 1998 Region : united arab emarates Sex : Male Languages I speak : English , Active time : Thursday - Friday - Saturday

    Skype : abdullah.amara12

    What section you're applying for? And for what you're applying? I'm applying for Daemons Ring Game master for a GM status.

    Experience regarding the Gunz section? I've played before 1 year or little bit more I've joined a lot of servers , saw many kinds of events and GM, I understand things fast so I can take any idea or a notice easy , if there something I have to edit in my action I fix it as fast as possible , I've monstered most of tricks that can a player use it against others to do anything not allowed , and monstered how to know if player lying or no , I just create my way playing and created my ways to discovered the tricks .

    how will be my contribution to Daemons Ring server: I know how to treat a player and give him a goodwill and a good treat , I know how to welcome new players to the server and I really give attention for that because it's a sensivite this that must give attantion for , I can the tricks the bring players to servers , how to give a good advertisement , that's just like you have to know where the place for the iron (Players) , and what magnet to use (the advertise way) , it's just like a game and you have to monster it Big Grin.

    Why should I be a moderator of the Daemons Ring server? First of all I have a self-confidence , I have alot of contribute I can give , I believe I have knowldge in this range though I never had a chance to try , I could treat all a well treat , I give attention for all , I never ignore anyone , and I respect all whatever age (Unlike some players they respect only whos better than them) I don't taunt , I can provide a question whatever it was (if its possibile and if) whatever the question was , I'll try to answer , I'm a human as all , there answers maybe I wouldn't understand , or a words but I would try (or use google translate xD) I'll try hard anyways.

    Do you have any experience being a moderator? I've never experience being a moderator in gunz game but I had a best experience of what a normal player needs and what new member needs , how would be the good player and how the bad , I have experience of the wronged guy , I know whos the wronged and whos not , maybe I'll miss it sometimes but it will be SOMETIMES like 1/100 and if he gave me enough information I wouldn't miss , the members have the same pressure as us and maybe more pressure , we just have to say whos right and whos not , but wronged member have to prove us ,its kinda hard and believe me I was a wronged player many times , I'm here to be a GM because I don't want others feel wronged as I did.

    What brought you to Daemons Ring server? I joined this server Today joined and been interested to get this server higher especially there a good players , good GM and the best is that there is best Owner (Server leader) and I came here to apply this so by a chance I get the GM status and get this server higher and high it would be great Big Grin the thing that brought me here is the Owner does not made this server to earn money , he just made it to get old gunz days alive again , he did it for players who want the old gunz style , but I'm here to do it better than the old gunz , if it was up to me I would make this server the best , anyways I'll try to if it work or no enough to say 'I tried'.

    What can you do as a moderator? Lets be honest , I'm not a legend to fix all problems by a touch of my finger , and that's for , Ik , but I'll try my best to make this server higher , to let players make them best times here with friends and to clear the bad players and tossed them to the trash. I'll be cleaning the section to avoid spam - flame - wars - insults and everything possible that I can do , I'll be players guide , I'll be that person will be next to you when you need him , and against you when you damage him , and in damage him I mean that damage server because when you damage server you damage us , and when you hurt players you hurt us , so I'll be sure that you can't do anything against server.

    Activity. I'm active from Thursday till Saturday (Thursday-Friday-Saturday) because I have an army school I'll be sleeping there from Sunday till Firday so I MAYBE login in Friday because I'll be tired and in Saturday will be active but not much because wanna be ready to go back to school (it takes 3 hours to be in school so I have to wake up in 4 AM and I can barely sleep Sad so I'll try to sleep at 9 PM or 10) I'll spend alot of time in foums as much as I can I'll try to buy laptop and take it with me to school , I'll be connectable in facebook or skype. Additional Information For who don't know me , I'm Abdullah Amara I live in united arab emarates I'm a Droze my first language is Arabic (Talking arabic doesn't make me arabian). I'm in army school I'm 14 years old almost 15 (more 2 months at 16/12/2013)

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    we at the Daemons Ring Staff Team appreciate you wanting to apply for a position here, but you'll need to review our guidelines for applying for a staff position.
    I'd like to point out this section in particular for you:

    Quote Originally Posted by Horrors View Post
    You MUST have been with this community ACTIVELY for at least a month's period of time prior to posting your application.
    You need at least between 50-100 posts that are not in any of the spam and off topic sections of our forum, you need to show us that you are useful and are willing to work for the job. You don't need powers to show us you can be useful.
    *End of GM team requirements*
    I'll admit, your application looks nice, and I'm sure Nibelheim, the Game Master Administrator at Daemons Ring, would appreciate the amount of time you've put into this application, but Nibelheim can't hire someone if they haven't been ACTIVE on our forums for at least one month, and have 50 to 100 non-spam posts.

    And I'm sure Nibelheim will reply to this thread himself, but I can tell you now that you do not meet the specifications needed for Nibelheim to consider hiring you.

    But don't worry, even if you can't be hired yet, that doesn't mean that won't change in the future. While you're here, get to know some members and staff. Introduce yourself to the community, and relax by playing in our arcade or by playing one of our games, like GunZ.

    Thanks, and I'll close this thread for now.

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