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Thread: Forum upgrading to vBulletin 4.2.2

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    Forum upgrading to vBulletin 4.2.2

    Today we are upgrading our vBulletin forum to version 4.2.2.

    For anyone who would like to know, here is a change log:
    vBulletin 4.2.2 is a maintenance release primarily focused on php 5.4 compatibility issues, as well as a few other important fixes for Facebook, PayPal & MAPI updates for Mobile 1.5
    The release contains:
    * Many fixes for php 5.4 compatibility.
    * MAPI updates for Mobile 1.5
    * Facebook updates due to changes by Facebook
    * PayPal updates due to changes by PayPal.
    * Update to recognise IE11 User Agent
    * Fix Import/export of Navigation Manager (Open new page flag)
    * A couple of security updates in the installer & Forum Runner.
    * Added the Panjo online community marketplace plug-in.
    * A number of other major bugs held over from 4.2.1
    vBulletin 4.2.2 contains a total of 109 bug fixes, improvement requests, and feature requests.
    VBIV-14509 When original thread is used as a comment thread, it is deleted with the article.
    VBIV-15362 member_activity_start & member_activity_complete do not exist in hooks location dropdown
    VBIV-15408 Product Export - Navigation - Does not export/import 'Open in New Page' flag
    VBIV-15428 Typos in phrases
    VBIV-15443 Small typo in index.php
    VBIV-15615 Publish to Facebook no longer working
    VBIV-15646 Use preg_replace_callback() instead of preg_replace() modifier /e
    VBIV-15680 Indefinite loop on moving posts
    VBIV-15684 There is a newer version of vBulletin available to download - no longer links correctly
    VBIV-15687 IE9 Meta Tag to VB 4.2.1 and 4.2.2. headinclude template - fails with Forum Runner enabled
    VBIV-15694 Facebook July 10 Breaking Changes
    VBIV-15711 echo 1; echo 2 in /private.php
    VBIV-15716 register_addmember does not return success confirmation
    VBIV-15719 blog.post_newblog doesn't include globalcategorybits
    VBIV-15724 "newthread_newthread" does not include max tags info in the response
    VBIV-15725 *"blog_list"* does not include *"postbit_type": "postbit_ignore"* for blog posts by users in Ignore List
    VBIV-15731 Missing space in template bbcode_code
    VBIV-15734 "profile_editprofile" is missing "title" and description" in "profilefield" bits
    VBIV-15747 Paypal IPN / PDT Required Change by Oct 13
    VBIV-15749 Internet Explorer 11 new User Agent
    VBIV-15751 "member" does not include birthday profilefield in response
    VBIV-15753 api_forumlist should not return HTML entities
    VBIV-15759 Call to "register" does not return custom user fields
    VBIV-15777 PHP strict errors not displayed if debug mode is not enabled
    VBIV-15780 PHP5.4: Function set_magic_quotes_runtime() is deprecated
    VBIV-15782 Possible Exploit - can create admin account via install.php and/or upgrade.php
    VBIV-15783 Warning: Non-static method vB_Mail::fetchLibrary() should not be called statically in ....\includes\functions.php on line 1407
    VBIV-15787 CMS Pages : Strict, illegal string offest & other errors
    VBIV-15790 Warning: Non-static method vB_HumanVerify::fetch_library() should not be called statically
    VBIV-15791 Warning: Only variables should be passed by reference in newthread.php
    VBIV-15792 Clicking on tag links results in Warning: Declaration of vB_DataManager_Tag & Declaration of vB_DataManager_category errors
    VBIV-15793 Manually 'Add New User' results in Warning: Declaration of vB_DataManager_PM::set_condition
    VBIV-15795 php 5.4 compliance errors on cms pages
    VBIV-15798 PHP 5.4 compliance errors with social groups
    VBIV-15799 Illegal string offset when importing product XML's (PHP 5.4 compliance)
    VBIV-15800 PHP 5.4 compliance of blog comments
    VBIV-15801 PHP 5.4 compliance of pm quick reply
    VBIV-15802 PHP 5.4 compliance when uploading signature/profile picture
    VBIV-15803 PHP 5.4 compliance when using moderation.php
    VBIV-15805 PHP 5.4 compliance when searching for new articles
    VBIV-15806 PHP 5.4 compliance when adding custom blog page
    VBIV-15809 php 5.5 error on new install
    VBIV-15810 Illegal string offsets in admincp/attachment.php
    VBIV-15811 PHP 5.4 compliance of CMS admin panel
    VBIV-15815 give lots of <br />
    VBIV-15819 Strict standard issues with the Calendar widget in the CMS
    VBIV-15820 CMS strict standard and illegal string offset issues
    VBIV-15821 Update ACP check on install.php
    VBIV-15822 Strict standard with customized profiles
    VBIV-15823 Strict standard error on ForumRunner
    VBIV-15824 Can't view a thread on vB4 / PHP 5.4
    VBIV-15825 Strict Standards in cms articles with comments
    VBIV-15826 Strict standard on edit forum permissions
    VBIV-15828 PHP 5.4, CLI Installer Errors
    VBIV-15829 Strict standard in calendar permissions
    VBIV-15830 Posted CMS comments are not displayed (regression)
    VBIV-15831 Strict standard on API data returns
    VBIV-15833 Warning: Non-static method when changing CMS Section Display Orders.
    VBIV-15835 Strict standards in CMS comments
    VBIV-15839 XSS issue
    VBIV-15841 CMS gives several warnings on VB 4.2.2 with PHP 5.2- Warning: Declaration of vBCms_Item_Widget::getLoadQuery()
    VBIV-15842 BBCode Parser gives several warning on VB 4.2.2 - Warning: Declaration of vB_BbCodeParser_Video_PreParse::handle_bbcode_img()
    VBIV-15844 preg_replace deprecate error in upgrade script
    VBIV-15846 Sending a reply causes Warning: is_a(): Deprecated warning in PHP 5.2 with vBulletin 4.2.2
    VBIV-15848 Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference in ./forumrunner/include/pms.php on line 650
    VBIV-13574 PHP 5.4 check
    VBIV-15779 Move MAPI v8 changes to MAPI v7, and remove v8 completely
    VBIV-15784 Panjo Integration
    VBIV-15794 Credits update for 4.2.2
    VBIV-14784 Incompatibility with PHP 5.4: Functions Removed
    VBIV-14794 Creating JPG-Thumbnails fail with PHP 5.4
    VBIV-15149 Upgrade system throws error: cannon modify header information
    VBIV-15233 PHP 5.4.3 ERROR: Strict standards: Static function vB_Route::getURL() should not be abstract
    VBIV-15307 PHP Warning from postbit
    VBIV-15322 Non-static method vB_QueueMail::fetch_instance() should not be called statically
    VBIV-15496 Cannot edit forum posts when some symbols are used
    VBIV-15563 PHP 5.4.10 and vBulletin 4.2
    VBIV-15577 [PHP 5.4] Warning: Illegal string offset 'title' /includes/adminfunctions_template.php on line 1936
    VBIV-15609 Non-static method vB_Shutdown::instance() should not be called statically
    VBIV-15610 Declaration of vB_Database_Alter_MySQL::drop_index() should be compatible with vB_Database_Alter::drop_index()
    VBIV-15611 Declaration of vB_Database_Alter_MySQL::add_index() should be compatible with vB_Database_Alter::add_index()
    VBIV-15612 Declaration of vB_Database_Alter_MySQL::add_field() should be compatible with vB_Database_Alter::add_field()
    VBIV-15613 Declaration of vB_Database_Alter_MySQL::drop_field() should be compatible with vB_Database_Alter::drop_field()
    VBIV-15614 Declaration of vB_Database_Alter_MySQL::query() should be compatible with vB_Database_Alter::query()
    VBIV-15616 PHP Strict Standards: Non-static method vB_Bitfield_Builder::init() and vB_Bitfield_Builder::build() should not be called statically
    VBIV-15617 PHP Strict Standards vB_Bitfield_Builder class
    VBIV-15618 PHP 5.4 Strict Standards preventing install
    VBIV-15642 [PHP 5.4] Warning: Illegal string offset 'name' in [path]/includes/functions.php on line 6988
    VBIV-15657 PHP 5.4 Strict Standards vB_DataManager_GroupMessage methods signature
    VBIV-15658 PHP 5.4 Strict Standards vB_ProfileBlock methods signatures
    VBIV-15659 PHP 5.4 Strict Standards vB_SGSearchGenerator:: prepare_search_text() method should be static
    VBIV-15660 PHP 5.4 Strict Standards vB_SignatureParser:: parse should be compatible with vB_BbCodeParser:: parse
    VBIV-15661 PHP 5.4 Strict Standards Declaration of vB_DataManager_ThreadPost::verify_pagetext() should be compatible with vB_DataManager::verify_pagetext()
    VBIV-15662 PHP 5.4 Strict Standards Declaration of vB_DataManager_Thread_FirstPost::save() should be compatible with vB_DataManager::save()
    VBIV-15663 PHP 5.4 Fix deprecated & new usage
    VBIV-15664 PHP 5.4 Strict Standards Declaration of vB_DataManager_Moderator::set() should be compatible with vB_DataManager::set()
    VBIV-15665 PHP 5.4 Strict Standards vB_DataManager_VisitorMessage methods signatures
    VBIV-15666 PHP 5.4 Strict Standards vB_DataManager_PictureComment methods signatures
    VBIV-15760 Strict standards in CMS
    VBIV-15761 Strict standards in Blogs
    VBIV-15762 Strict standards in User Profiles
    VBIV-15763 Strict standards in User Control Panel
    VBIV-15764 Strict standards in New Blog Post
    VBIV-15765 Strict standards in CMS after new article submission
    VBIV-15766 Strict standards in New Reply Thread
    VBIV-15767 Strict standards in New Advanced Search form
    VBIV-15768 Strict standards in signature editor when if a signature is displayed in the editor
    VBIV-15669 PHP 5.4 Plugins fail - add compatability option
    Please be patient, we will be back up shortly. I will edit this thread when we are done.


    Upgrading was done. We are back up! Thank you for your patience!

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    I appreciate your work, Wesley.

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