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Thread: [iPhone 5] Black or White?

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    Aug 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by Damage View Post
    Black always choose the black one it's just like shoes would you go for a all white 1 scratch 1 filthy thing you know white ims aying
    you could also get an custom skin for you're phone like blue or gold, dont forget the procetion around you're phone you don't want it too fall and be fcked up it's too expensive
    100% true

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    DJ Mikey Guest
    ^ and the black one runs the fastest, don't forget bout that son.

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    Kirei Guest

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    Feb 2013
    Black ones run faster lel.

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    I like white cuz its slick. but it gets dirty much quicker
    evil neko since '91

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    Jul 2013
    black if you're a dood, white if you're a girl.
    RIP. <3

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    Sep 2012
    thanks i figured out which one i want

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    better buy an outdated phone

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