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Thread: Burst Angel for Developer

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    Burst Angel for Developer

    Your name or internet alias:
    Burst Angel

    Your age:

    Your localization and/or timezone:

    The languages that you speak:

    Your field of interest within the staff:

    Your education or diplomas:
    University graduate

    Your programming and coding skills/languages:
    C, C++, Java; HTML, JavaScript, PHP

    Some of your work from items to interfaces and general GFX:
    I don't have anything I consider "presentable" and I'm hesitant to reveal my "real" identity. But do ask me for evidence. Can spin up a web service perhaps?

    A short description of yourself and your personality:
    Taking credit and getting attention is not a necessity for me. I prefer that my work be experienced rather than acknowledged. I enjoy mentoring others, perhaps more than I should. (As if trying to make minions of them.)


    There is a world of people out there who are more skilled than I am, have more time to devote than I do, want this position more than I do. But what I have going for me is the ability to think both clearly and outside of the box.

    Should also note that I get bored very easily. The same game old game modes, playing styles. The same old weapons. And no, no, a thousand times no, a new graphic does not a new weapon make. Sorry, pet peeve of mine.

    Anyways, I'm dragging on. Obviously, do ask me for evidence of my skills. And if I come across as too dispassionate, you can skip me.

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    maybe for starters code us an custom gunz launcher with an custom interface? although since you said you don't have anything presentable on the gfx side I guess you could use a template from somewhere.

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