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Thread: GM/Support Team- Tyler

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    GM/Support Team- Tyler

    Your name or internet alias; Tyler/Dax

    Your age or date of birth; July 23, 1992

    Your localization and/or timezone; San Diego, California GMT -8

    The languages that you speak; English- Gunz terminology which in itself is a language of it's own.

    Your field of interest within the staff (GM or Developer); GM or Support Team

    Your education or diplomas; High School graduate, third year at Miramar College as of right now.

    A short description of yourself and your personality; Overall i'm a outgoing and mellow guy. I've enjoyed DR and Gunz itself over a spam of about 5 or so years. I've been with many servers, staff and normal player but have always found myself coming back to DR and calling it my home. I'm not saying my road has been ''scotch'' free but we all have points in our lives where we slip up, i've overcome that and have remained mature. My free time consist of working, smoking hookah with friends at the beach, or just working on my motorcycle with music blasting. I enjoy playing Gunz about every day because it keeps me moving and relaxes me like it always has. I would consider myself a people person hands down and just enjoying everyone's company either in game or on the forums. I know my post count is low but I have been here a extremely long time.

    A small text telling us what you could do as a staff member; I will hold my responsibility as a Staff member to keep the rules enforced, but above all keep the game and environment fun for everyone. I don't believe being staff makes you above ''anyone'' or the players. It means you're there to make sure the rules are being followed and everyone is having a good time because there is no drama, non stop spamming etc. Even if it means dealing with verbal arguments in game, to someone playing ''unlegit'' I will make sure that my job gets done. I love and have respect everyone here at DR and hope to become part of the staff team once more.

    Thanks you,

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