Your name or internet alias;

Your age or date of birth;
I'm 14 years old.

Your localization and/or timezone;
Europe/The Netherlands/GMT +1

English, Dutch, a little bit of French and a little bit of German.

Your field of interest within the staff (GM or Developer);
Game Master

Your education or diplomas (graduated high-school,college,etc);
I'm in high-school at the moment, 2nd grade.

Your programming and coding skills/languages; (CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR C++ CODERS)
Sadly, I can't come any further then painting a fried chicken.

Some of your work from items to interfaces and general GFX;
I am a average COD sniper on YouTube ( ) , I make alot of YouTube backgrounds,
including the one I am using right now.

A short description of yourself and your personality;
I am a friendly, smart and an compassionate person, helping people gives me a good feeling about myself.
If someone asks me to do something, I'll do it, or it must be something weird or insane, like feeding the cat
my sister's goldfish. ( I would love to do that. #Confession bear )
I'm shy, like really shy, I was scared to order food last year, it's going better now, I feel like a strong healthy man!
I have ADD (I can't focus at all, I get distracted by everything) which I am getting medication for, everyone
who I know notices difference, but I don't, might be because I'm used to me, and it feels like I'm me.

A small text telling us what you could do as a staff member.
I've been a staff member here before, and I was pretty much really motivated,
until I got my PS3 and all I wanted to do was playing on my Playstation.
Now, 1 1/2 years later my motivation returned, and I really am going to stay, because
this is my family, well, kind of. I've been here since '10 (31 December 2010 #Succes kid)
so I grew up alot, 3 years older and 3 years wiser, I'm gifted (Google translation, I meant to say that I'm smarter then the average person),
but IRL I am really lazy, and lazyness and shyness isn't the best combination ever.
I really don't like talking about myself, makes me feel stupid in some way.
I made this text way too long, but I just had to express myself

This was my application, and to end it I just want to say this.
I didn't even know this smiley existed.

My life is complete now.