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    Well I'm here to apply for a developer position. Iv'e been developing for a while now but no where to use my work....yet. Its good to see DR land on its feet again and think I could be useful to the team. I've been in this community since I believe alpha and have never had an infraction of any sort.

    I have tried developing my own server before but had no luck getting it running. I'm a designer not a coder, but I am experienced with all the .mrs files all the XML's so I basically know the GunZ folder like the back of my hand.

    I'd really like to help the server get up and running and think this would also be a good chance to get my foot in the door and learn even more.

    22 Years Old

    Toronto, Canada

    Known Languages

    Applying for:
    1. Developer
    2. GM would also be a great start if I'm a little rusty xD

    Education / Experience
    High School
    GM/Dev for Pulse gamers (LadyGrym hired me)

    Programs used:
    If there are new programs that are advised I have no problem using them to further educate myself.

    This is my old work that got lost on my last computer. there was a lot more when I got experienced.
    Zaxis can vouch for my old work xD She had seen a few before the computer crashed.

    Right now I've been working on 2 projects

    ^Because my last one got lost xD

    Thanks for looking over my application hope to hear from you soon.

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    Now then, I just want you to know a few fundementals when developing for gunz, I'm not a designer/modeler myself but any decent gunz modeler can support my following lines:

    -gunz shud always be low poly
    -ur verts and faces shud always be low

    Although ur guitar and sword may be detailed, they both have faces and verts in the thousands, until thats fixed I would not recommend trying to take on the position as dev here. And also, nowadays ppl recommend using 3dsmax to work on things instead of blender because of the memory leak and other issues with blender. It's fine if you use blender imo, but do consider 3dsmax as a better option.

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