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Thread: Reminders to all Users

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    Reminders to all Users

    Since I felt the need to do the announcement, I shall proceed with it.

    From now on, we will start to trash your threads automatically and give you either a warning or an infraction depending on how many times you've done it. Such as making a thread with same question that are already answered somewhere else.

    I already spoke with a forum admin, Nine, that we can start doing that. There are so many threads about it already and we want to keep it clean.

    Please use the search function/engine to find the answers you're looking for instead of making multiple answered threads which can be considered as spamming that we can punish upon for.

    EG: User 1 posts about a glitch, we say it's fine. User 2, and user 3 post a thread about it: That's fine, there's nothing against the rules in that, we respond and close the thread (Not Trash/infract)

    EG: User 1 posts about a glitch, we say it's fine. User 1 posts another thread, user 1 posts another thread (Then we start trashing/handing out infractions)

    This announcement serves as a reminder to everyone and a warning to everyone before you get in trouble. We don't want anybody to get banned, that's all.

    The most important thing is to seek the help you need on the forums, but a clean forum is what we want also.

    The staff's most important role is to help others, however some of your problems fall where most of us cannot help, and all we can do is relay the messages or urgent issues to administrators and wait for them to give out the solutions. All we ask is to please be patient.

    Hope ya'll understand. Thank you.

    Your friendly,
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