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  1. How to report a bug or client crash!
  2. DRGunZ client doesn't start
  3. [Bug Reports] Found a bug? Report it here for the time being!
  4. cant start
  5. Common Bugs & Fixes
  6. Survival HP Bug?
  7. Med Bug
  8. Bind disable only when ran as admin
  9. AE Icon when I enter any room
  10. Config.XML doesn't save inside the game
  11. Auto-closes & spawns endless message boxes.
  12. Exploitation of the DRGunZ Anticheat+ [6/28/14]
  13. Donor Tokens Removed?
  14. No update?
  15. 2-in-1 Character bugs
  16. Incompatible with Adobe's Creative Cloud
  17. No Massives game option issue
  18. Error : cant create game
  19. Crash on startup