In Game Shop

Quality, Quantity, Free official prems

  • Highest quality custom items
  • All official premium items for free
  • The largest assortment of weapons
  • Amazing custom sound effects
  • Stunning donation shop items
  • Account security (No losing donation items)




All your original favorites and more

  • Custom Quest including the DR Pacman Quest
  • Quest Bosses drop unique weapons / clothing
  • All official Quest Bosses
  • Incredible EXP rates
  • One server for Clan War & Quest
  • New Quest releases every 8 weeks

Server Info

What sets DR apart

  • Use your forum account to login into game
  • Custom encryption (No modding our files)
  • No need for bounty (All items are set to 0 bounty)
  • Ring system (Wear any clothing you want)
  • 70x EXP (No need to hack, leveling is easy)
  • Full connection (Fast, Reliable, No Lag)